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Less waste, more margin, more time and a healthier planet

with simple Food Service Software by DigiTally

Reduce food waste

Improve profitability

Meet ESG Goals

You know you need to tackle food waste.

But like many food service businesses, you struggle to get a precise picture of food waste, because you can’t find a reliable system to track it.

With DigiTally, you’ll know exactly what products are being wasted, why the wastage is happening and where in your business it’s occurring.

Which means you’ll be in control down to the very last crumb.

Deploy a powerful yet simple digital food waste solution
Attain 100% stock accuracy with live pricing
Know how much waste is costing you
Measure your carbon footprint
Enable your team to act

Minimise waste, maximise margins.



Reduced labour hours per site


(by up to)

Reduced food waste for our customers


(by up to)

Increased profits for our customers

Do you dread the stocktake?

Right now, is your weekly stocktake:

  • a drain on experienced staff?
  • costing you a fortune in resources?
  • a mess across multiple sites with no cohesive overview?
  • giving you zero visibility or control over waste?
  • resulting in lower profit margins?

It’s clear that a clunky spreadsheet and pen and paper system leads to poor accountability and mistakes and wasted time and energy for your team.

Plus, with rising food prices eating away at margins, it’s no wonder you’re struggling to make sound operational decisions due to unreliable data.

There’s a better way

If you want a simple, easy-to-use, digital stocktaking solution to get counts right, par levels spot on, visibility across all sites, and food waste to behave – it’s time to go DigiTally.

You know an accurate stocktake is critical to maintaining margins, decreasing waste, and maintaining your bottom line – but you’re wary of complicated new tech.

Which is why DigiTally is radically simple.

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Improve and prove your ESG goals

Today’s food service clients are as serious about environmental impact as you are, often requesting irrefutable data around food waste and carbon emissions to satisfy demanding ESG standards.

DigiTally makes it easy for them to trust you.

With DigiTally, you will dramatically reduce food waste and slash carbon emissions.

And your environmental efforts will be backed up by accurate facts and figures, clearly displayed on your DigiTally dashboard.

It’s a win-win for productivity, profit, and our planet.

With Digitally...

You easily take control of your food waste

You maximise your margins

You streamline your inventory process

This leads to...

Immediate solutions everyone loves

Faster decision-making

Best use of your team’s skills and time

Less waste = more profit per site

Improved ESG reporting

Complete food waste visibility


Achieve 100% Counting Accuracy

Save time and achieve total accuracy by recording counts and registering all stock movements on a user-friendly tablet.


Record and Control Waste

Identify types of waste and the reason for generation so you can take effective steps to reduce waste, increase margins, and help the environment.


Access Live Pricing Lists

Stop relying on data that’s out of date before it hits your desk. Have a real-time checkpoint to control your cost and margin targets.

DigiTally simplifies stocktaking and reduces food waste for incredible organisations

Success Stories

Our clients say it best

This is a fantastic tool for reducing the amount of time we spend on inventory control. Before DigiTally, we were leaving money on the table.

Brendan McAleeseGroup Cost Controller, Tifco Hotels

Go DigiTally, today

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Results Speak for Themselves

Celebrate less waste and higher margins across your business

It takes one to know one.

At DigiTally, we’ve spent over two decades managing manual stocktaking teams, and for a long time we felt the same frustration you do that food and beverage stocktaking was so painful and inefficient.

So we started DigiTally to finally create stocktaking software we actually wanted to use.

Trust us, you’ll want to use it too.

About DigiTally

Minimise your waste, save time for your team and make your stocktaking simpler.

Contact us to see how DigiTally will work seamlessly with your existing tech.
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